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Neil Yee's Travel Page...  I haven't been "home" since July 2003...

This page is for the family and friends who say "Email a few photos.."

It's also for people at work who need a new way waste valuable company time.

Photo  of the moment:

   Click on the photo or HERE to view a gallery of past "photo of the moment" postings.  It is of course not complete or comprehensive in any way.  Really just testing a new photo viewer.  What do you think?
Photo of the moment...

Sailing...  Westport, CT, USA.

If I actually manage to get things updated there will be photos and maps from the current trip, and way too many from the past.

On occasion I'll also try to update the "non-blog..."  Blogging is something I still don't quite understand, so I can't really admit that I might be doing it.




Updated December 2009 or possibly more recently than that?.   Map, more...  

Other stuff:

of where I am now - or at least as of the last update....

Not sure what it is.  Might be more up to date than the map?

Yahoo group / mailing list.
Every once in awhile I actually post something here...  Never sure if I should write here or the non-blog?

Links to Travel Photo Sets:
(haphazard collections of photos I happen to have online... Uhm... Scroll down a bit as it seems I haven't put anything up in the last few years!  Oops!)

2012:  Living in Montreal, with travels locally and around Quebec.  Is the trip over?  Will I ever put up photos?
  Brazil again, including Carnaval... Then back to Canada and another big road trip.  Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and back to Montreal.

2010:  Eventually this will include Portugal, Spain (Madrid only), Morocco, Paris, London, South Africa, France, Belgium...  and back to Canada!   At least that's the plan.  As of this update on July 13, 2010 I am in Denver and heading for Canada shortly.

Having failed to make any updates for the last couple of years, here's a set from a few days in 2009 at Torres del Paine in Chile. Hoping to get back on the update wagon soon?  I know that even this update is not yet complete, but felt I had to post something!! So far 2009 was Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil (again), Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and briefly back in the USA (Hawaii, California, DC, New York)

2008:  Will there ever be an update?  No new photo sets for a year?  Oops.  One of these days the 2008 section will include Canada, visiting friends and a train ride across the USA, Mexico, bits of Europe (Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, bit of Switzerland, Edinburgh, Trossachs, London, Corsica, Nice, Paris) and Brazil, Argentina and ???

2007:  Well...  The India part is done, and listed under 2006.  At least I got something done At some point I'll be posting photos from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines...  and then a little bit of USA and Canada.


December 2, 2006 to March 12, 2007 - A huge collection of photos sets...

Including Tibet and Hong Kong....  Really - I'm going to get to this eventually

Bits more of Europe and Russia

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Trans-Siberian, more

Turkey, Egypt, Turkey
I went to Turkey...  Then I went to Egypt... Then I went to Turkey...  Then I finally updated something here...

Bits of Europe III
Including Prague, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Rome, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, more...
(coming soon - soon in geological time at least...)


Bits of Europe II
Including Iceland, UK, Ireland and more...
November to December  (coming soon)

Bits of Europe I
Including France, Italy, Greece and more...
June to September  (coming soon)

Guatemala, Honduras and Belize
January 17 to April 7

From high mountains to low dives....

2003 - 2004:

The Big Road Trip USA / Canada
October 2003 to November 2004
My most complete photo and travel site.  Still not complete though.  Originally it was the main index page to this site.  A year in a van, from Michigan to Key West to the far north of Alaska and quite a bit in between.

December 2003 to January 2004
I was trying to do a road trip around the US, but suddenly ended up in Peru...


Renting a car and exploring...

Yes, the bicycle ride across Iowa (coming soon?)

Dominican Republic
Needed beach and diving, and this was the best deal available....


Great food, strange place.....


Ok, I'll get some of these together maybe eventually.  In the meantime, Gold Dollar Bar was pretty much my life from 1996 to 2001.

1969 - 2001:

Sorry, not digital...  no time to scan...


All photos and content (c) 2003-2009

Neil S Yee

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