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7/30/04 - HEY! LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT THE WORDS!! I JUST ADDED A BUNCH OF PHOTOS... and some even have captions! ;)


Maybe I'm just not thinking?

Maybe I'm just not willing to share at the moment...??

How about some words from others? Emails from friends below:

First from my good friend Maureen. We were in a band called Paper Tiger together years ago...

Dear sir,

I appreciate very much the information on your “travel site” especially the detailed views of your new home. Just when I thought no one could be more self obsessed than me, I met you and realized I am just small potatoes so to speak.

I liked the photos of you and the blonde girls of Florida. Your site has made me realize I want to go to Peru. I believe you have talent as a photographer as well. If in your sporadic life choices you decide to pursue a dead end career in the arts, you’d do well.

And finally I checked Ms. Valentine’s site and have decided I need serious help in the dating/life partner department but I have little money, just about five bucks, is that enough? It seems I need a life coach altogether, but they too are expensive and though I’ve relied on you for years, your site and my current situation makes me realize this may not have been the right decision.

So if you love yourself, and I know you do, keep up the good work,


From Jeff Muhr of Springfield, OR (right next to Eugene - "home of the hippies")

We were discussing the 4th of July - Was that Interdependance Day or Incontinence Day? Jeff's response:

This holiday means a lot to me about my rights. The right to blow off my fingers with firecrackers, to get drunk until my cerebrum shuts down, then the right to get my ass kicked when I spout a stream of obscenities at a passerby. The right to fire my gun randomly into a crowd of revelers. Oh yes, and watching auto racing. That is a right too.

That's it for now...

In the meantime, might I suggest a few (thousand) photos to pass the time during your workday?

Look at the photos... There's more there...