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Historical Page:

The VAN TRIP is over for now!

This page contains the initial plan maps and the "actual" maps of my trip. Someday maybe I'll finish updating this page with the differences between "paln" and reality. It was a rather loose plan. The van is in storage in Denver waiting for the next outing.

LOOKING FORWARD: MAPS and STUFF! Ok, mainly just maps.

Intro - here's the plan:

I left Michigan on 10/16/03. That much is certain. I'll be on the road for maybe a year or so? First heading for the Atlantic Coast, then south as the weather inspires. At some point head west. Eventually cover the Pacific Coast up to Alaska. Will make it to Alaska by summer 2004? Maybe I'll hit the northeast fall 2004? It was a little cold there by the time I got around to leaving Michigan....

As you can tell, I like to have really exact plans. When I have completed the above, maybe I'll move somewhere and "get a real job?" Who knows. At this point I think I'm likely to move to Baltimore and go to grad school?!?

This is the plan... I really don't expect any changes... Seems quite clear to me! ;)

Where I am now? Where am I going? Where Have I been?

This is kind of general I'll admit. I wasn't always on the exact road shown, but this does give an idea. I prefer the slower and more scenic roads, but apparently the mapping software does not. I'm not sure how to get rid of all of those little flag things. They are probably not relevant.

I had to split the "ACTUAL" map into two parts...
Part one of the trip - October 16, 2003 thru August 2, 2004

Part two of the trip - August 2, 2004 thru October 31, 2004

If you have any suggestions of activities / stopovers / people I should visit / etc. email here!

The plan... where I'm going. Maybe?

There are little numbers on the map to indicate the direction of travel. Detroit being the start is labeled with "1." Don't know yet if I'm doing the optional NE loop in fall 2004. These maps below will most likely not be updated... This was the VERY GENERAL idea of the trip. It is obviously not exactly what is going to happen.

Part One of Map

Part Two of Map

I was more lazy than usual on this one. I really have no idea where I'm going in Alaska. I strongly suspect that it will be more than this little loop.