Turkey - Beaches and Ruins and such...
July 17 to July 30, 2006

Tiring of updating the web page, I would expect my words here to be minimal.

I started out in Antalya, preferring the public beach to the all-inclusive world on the other side of town.  Really though, I have to admit that I spent much of my time in town organizing and cataloging photos for this site.  It seemed a shame to do it in such a nice place, but then again it had to be done somewhere and I don't seem to have the time "at home."

Next stop was Kas, a much smaller town with some nice walking and a beautiful coastline.

Even though I wasn't really in the mood for it, I figured I should stop in and visit the sleaze of Bodrum.  It was fun, but not really my thing for more than a day or two.  There are places like this all over the world, all convinced that they are the "wild lifestyle..."

Somehow I'm rather tired of ruins, but decided to go to Ephesus anyway, and was glad that I did.  Way too many cruise boat tourists, but other than that a good experience.  Good reading the history while I was there.  I skipped the Virgin Mary's final home - a cab ride away, in particular since it was sure to be full of tour buses and cruise ship people.  The story is interesting though - apparently a nun in 1800 or so in Germany had a dream and then described the hills around Ephesus as the place.  Soon someone said "Here it is!"  The Pope agreed, and the rest is "truth" and "history."  

I am guessing these are my last photos in Turkey as I am heading back to Istanbul and promised no more photos of Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque!


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