"Family Vacation" in Istanbul
July 5 to July 10, 2006

This was kind of a funny one...  While I was in Egypt my friend Lenka from Prague contacted me about maybe coming along on part of my trip.  I have traveled quite a bit with her and her husband Michael before - in Morocco, Spain, Slovakia and Austria and we have had some adventures....  It sounded like a good idea.

A week or so later after the initial emailing, we met in Istanbul.  On this adventure only Lenka and her son Daniel joined me - no husband Michael or daughter Veronika this time.  I think we had a good time together, though Daniel did at times express displeasure with some of the distances we were walking and the haphazard plans.

I often prefer to travel alone, but sometimes it is good to be with friends.  The experience is different.  Going out to dinner is easier, deciding on plans and logistics more difficult.  I also get to do a bit more shopping.  Since I have to carry all that I buy with me around the world, I don't buy much on my own.

Now looking at the photos it seems much like a family vacation, something we laughed about at the time.  Some pictures of Istanbul and way too many pictures of Lenka, Daniel and me.  I guess that's what happens when traveling with other people...

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