Aswan-Abu Simbel-Alexandria-Cairo
June30 to July 4, 2006

A bit rushed, both in where I was going at the time and now in setting up this page...  Brief final bits of Egypt.

Aswan / Abu Simbel was spectacular and worth the long journey south.  Alexandria had a great friendly feel and was worth the long journey north...  Cairo... well after being in Egypt this long I was ready for Cairo again and found it quite enjoyable too.  My street crossing and hustler avoidance techniques finely tuned, life had become normal for me here.

I made some attempt to film a street crossing, but none of them seemed quite challenging enough anymore.  Thinking about this I realized the ridiculousness.  Was I looking for a street where I felt likely to be run over?  No, and somehow despite being in the country with the highest number of traffic fatalities per kilometer driven I felt fine.   Unfortunately it was then time to go back to Turkey where the traffic and sales people wouldn't stand a chance...

For some of the lowest quality video ever...  click below.   The topic?  Relatively easy street crossings in Cairo.  Also noticed that it's easier to cross away from an intersection / light because nobody stops anyway...

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