A couple of days in Istanbul, then on to Egypt.
June 16 to June 20, 2006

I arrived in Istanbul on an overnight train from Sofia, Bulgaria.  I did manage to sleep a little bit, but of course did have to wake up for the border crossing.  I had realized that I would have to fly to Cairo from Istanbul, and already had my ticket.  Knowing I would only be in Istanbul for a couple of days, my focus was on Egypt and I had no idea what to expect from those couple in Istanbul.  It was quite a pleasant surprise.

I probably took too many photos of Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque, but both were so striking each time I passed by that the temptation was too hard to resist.  Not all of the photos are here on the website though.

From the big city of Istanbul I went to the big city of Cairo, my short flight arriving at around 2:30am.   Into the chaos...   Egypt was both difficult and a wonderful thrill at the same time.  The hassle, the traffic, the heat, the beauty and the adventure.  I would probably have taken better photographs, but for the hassle of vendors whenever I stopped just about anywhere.  Ah well...

I should also have a couple of movies in a later Egypt of such simple things as street crossings...  Remember that video game "Frogger?"  Well crossing streets in Egypt is much like this.  Cross one lane, wait while traffic speeds by on both sides, cross another lane, repeat...

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