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For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Kristin Palm

SCREEN TEST: Film Night at the Gold Dollar

(Detroit, MI): SCREEN TEST, an evening of original
productions by Detroit filmmakers, comes to the Gold Dollar April 14. SCREEN
TEST will feature a wide variety of works, from a feature-length tribute to
German crime films to puppet shorts with live accompaniment to educational
films and found footage.
The following films will be presented:

Lady Mabuse
(Written, prod., dir. by Bert Calderwood, 80 min., color, hi-8 mm video, A
Breakage Production)

The members of Club 55 are mysteriously disappearing and nobody knows why.
Inspector Carlo takes up the investigation and won't quit until he has an
answer. Suspects include wealthy insurance man Bill Playfair, sadistic
misogynist Robert Solo and petty criminal Jerome. Lady Mabuse is a
rollercoaster ride of escalating perversions, each one more heinous than the
last. Mabuse was never like this. A tribute to the German crime films of the

Snapshot Olympia
(Dir. by Russ Forster, 14 min., color, video, co-produced by Russ Forster and
the Olympia Film Ranch)

A short, experimental film log on Washington's capital city, including a
visit to the 1997 Yo-Yo-a-Go-Go Music Festival. Consider this a
do-it-yourself primer.

La Vie En Rose
(Written and dir. by Russ Forster, 4 min., color, VHS, produced by Russ
Forster/ Jerk Productions)

The lurid fantasy world of a cat named Rose.

Scenes from the Puppet Underground (A Series of Shorts)
(Dave Toorongian, dir., Maurice Greenia, Jr., puppets, 22 min. Super 8)

Puppets on location in Detroit with a live soundtrack performed by Maurice
Greenia, Jr.

Pecking Disorder
(Written and dir. by Sara Kaye Larson, 3 min., 16 mm.)

They shared everything except her love of dancing.

Racquet Chick: Issue #1 of the New Red Sonya Newsreels
(Written and dir. by Sara Kaye Larson, 3 min., Super 8)

Chicks, balls and racquets.


(Found footage by Giles R. and T.M. Caldwell, sound by Frank 107, 6 min.,
Super 8)

Manipulated perverse imagery from '50s stag serials.

A Look at the Record

(Prod. by U.S. Govt., 13 min.)

Puppets introduce us to the exciting world of Social Security.

Also: an original video production from Julie Meitz and two short Super 8
pieces from Paul Meyers.

SCREEN TEST takes place at the Gold Dollar, 3129 Cass, Friday, April 14.
Doors open at 9 p.m. and films begin at 10 p.m. Cover is $5.
Call (313)
833-6873 for more information.


PRESS PLEASE NOTE: Photographs available.