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White Stripes / Third Man Records Vault #13 FAQ/Info

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Historical schedule - from day one, mostly.

MXMW Mid by Midwest Music Festival !!

Yes, this is the first place the White Stripes ever played....
Wed 8/15 - Barbara Manning, Denise James, Americans - A veteran of San Francisco's vibrant pop scene, Barbara Manning has played in a host of Bay Area groups, including SF Seals and World Of Pooh, and released several stunning solo releases. Barbara as you have rarely heard her before...Energized by the punky energy of her new trio the Go-Luckys!

Thu 8/16 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, PAIK, The Dirty Shame - From LA on Virgin Records, Black Rebel plays hard-edged, guitar-strewn music with a hint of '60s psychedelia and a fairly large amount of Britpop influence thrown in. PAIK provides a giant, swirling maelstrom of textured,cerebral soundscapes exploding from an image and light induced environment that offers harmonic bliss to those willing to take the step........

Fri 8/17 - Queen Bee, Thrall, Radium - Queen Bee is back and better (and louder?) than ever. Karen Neal (Inside Out, Thrall) is joined by Rachel May (Broadzilla) and Adam (Godbullies) for powerful and intricate glam punk stylings. Thrall intends to bring you its tightly woven sludge rock enhanced by the maniacally theatrical rantings of former Godbullies frontman, the Rev. Mike Hard.

Sat 8/18 - Junk Monkeys, The Hentchmen, Climax Divine - THE FINAL SCHEDULED SHOW AT GOLD DOLLAR!! - Junk Monkeys combine great songwriting, powerful hooks, power-pop sensibilites, and punk rock energy. One of the bands that kept me interested in live music, and helped inspire the creation of the Gold Dollar. Hentchmen return with their unique high energy rock and garage gems. Another band that has a long history of doing it right, always giving it all they've got on stage. Long time fans may remember a show at Finneys with 249 (my old band) opening? Ok, maybe not. It was back in '93 or '94?? Climax Divine seems to be finally getting the recognition they are due. This "experimental rock" band submitted the first demo to the Gold Dollar, and we didn't book them at first, because the tape was almost too good to be believed. Must be some kind of studio trickery - but no, they can do it live. Innovative stylings and virtuoso playing. Ok - that's it! Thanks everyone for all of your support over the years! -Neil