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"Deep Listening Festival 3: Michigan Avant-Garde Music"
Wednesday November 18 thru Sunday November 22
Gold Dollar 3129 Cass, Detroit (313)-833-48201 HTTP://


Wednesday November 18
Midnight Quartex w/sg Eugene Chadbourne (Acid / Ambient / Harmolodic Funk Jazz with the Chadbourne touch )
11:00 Tribe 1 with Mikhal Caldwell / Jucumba / Carey Lacey / Rodney Walker ( Jazz)
10:00 Michael Dec & Troy Gregory (Experimental Guitar)
9:00 Laughing Gas ( Improv from a Jazz / Rock / Samba / Punk Planet )
with DJ Head providing between sets sounds

Thursday November 19
Midnight Immigrant Suns w/spg Eugene Chadbourne ( Ethno / Folk / Rock with / versus Free Improvised Country & Western Bebop )
11:00 Music Color Composers Orchestra
9:45 Tribe 2 with Mikhal Caldwell & Special Guests ( Jazz )
9:00 Ben Bracken ( Experimental Guitar )
with D.J. Riff & Len Swann of the 12 Tech Mob providing between sets sounds

Friday November 20
12:30 Remote Viewing Ensemble ( Electro-Accoustical Improv with visuals )
1115 Vizitors ( New Music / Jazz )
9:45 Street Band ( Jazz / New Music )
9:00 Ben Hall & Jason Shearer ( Percussion / Reeds Free Improv)

Saturday November 21
12:30 Faruq Z. Bey & Speaking in Tongues ( Jazz & Poetry )
11:00 Northwoods Improvisers ( Jazz )
10:00 Frank Pahl ( Original Compositions )
9:00 Little Princess ( Noise )
Ben Hall providing between sets sounds.

Sunday November 22
Free Improv Jam Session 4:00 P.M.
Musicians who performed in the Festival will play. Either creating music or chaos. A good time for all.

Sponsors include
Metro Times, Detroit Jazz, Record Collector, Car City Records, Entropy Stereo

$8.00 Per Evening or $24.00 for the Wednesday thru Saturday Shows. Sunday is $5.00.
Tickets will be available at the door & TicketMaster ( 10/26 )

"Deep Listening Festival 3: Michigan Avant-Garde Music" is a co-operative collaboration between the musicians of all genre's involved in the festival and The NEW MUSIC SOCIETY. Our purpose for putting together this festival is to bring to our community attention both the diversity and quality of Michigans most creative and often time uncommercial peformers and composers. Hopefully this event will be the beginning of many more such festivals in the future.

A brief description of those participating in this festival:

Laughing Gas: With its spontaneous and impulsive approach to improvisation Laughing Gas blends styles of music that incorporate jazz, funk and samba rhythms with contrasts of noise, free jazz and a lot of punk attitude. Their major philosophical doctrine is the disregard for traditional "band" settings. There is no definite regard to the music or the lineup of musicians. Everything from the improvisation of music to the ever changing line-ups is the only constant in thier approach to music. The only constant in Laughing Gas is Frank Rotondo, a musician and festival presenter in his own right.

Tribes1: Mikhal Caldwell: Guitar & Synthesizer

Jucumba: Percussion / Carey Lacy: Bass / Rodney Walker: Guitar

Michael Dec & Troy Gregory: Dec, a guitarist, was a John Cage penpal. He has been circulating home made experimental tapes since the seventies. He has published a volume of poems and has contributed to several small literary magazines. Gregory is a bassist and guitarist who has played with many Detroit rock groups. Quartex with Special Guest Eugene Chadbourne:

Quartex is Stephen Rush: keyboards, Tim Flood: Bass, Andrew Bishop: Saxophones and Aaron Siegel: Drums. Rush is a Professor of Music in the Dance Department at U. of M. and founder of Quartex. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will be performing his composition "Possessions for Orchestra" in March of 1999. Quartex describes its music as harmolodic acid funk, no wave bebop and techo-ambient textures. From Ornette Colemen to John Cage is not a jump for them. I think I rember them playing a mean "Theme from Hawaii 50 " one night. Eugene Chadbourne will accompany on Guitar. The NMS has presented Mr. Chadbourne several times before; solo: with free improv drummer Paul Lovens and former Mothers of Invention Drummer / Vocalist Jimmy Carl Black. A long and distinguished career, he has played with the John Zorn, Kramer and many to numerous to mention.

Ben Bracken: Bracken is a guitarist who plays prepared guitar and also with tapes. He is also a member of Remote Viewing Ensemble

Tribe 2: Mikhal Caldwell: guitar & guitar synthesizer / Members to be announced.

Music Color Composers Orchestra: Kenneth Green: Pianos / Skeeter Shelton: Reeds / Faruq Z. Bey: Saxophone / Ajurumu: Percussion / Eddie Coburn: Bass / Allan Barnes: Reeds / William Townley: Trombone & Percussion. / Dushun Mosley: Percussion. An orchestra of composers and performers commited to the New Music. "Our mission is to awaken the sleeper and provide exposure to our youth."

Immigrant Suns with special guest Eugene Chadbourne: Known more for their ethno-musical rock material, these Detroiters are real musicians with tastes and influences few suspect or know of. With Chadbourne this will not be your usual Immigrant Suns concert. Expect the unexpected. You are warned.

Ben Hall & Jason Shearer: Free improv from this percussion & reeds duo. Shearer is of the band JazzHead.

Street Band: A large ensemble of six years led by Bassist Hakim Jami. Trumpets: Marcus Allan / Charles Hopkins / Abdul Wali / Hamzaf Muhamid. Saxophones: Faruq Z. Bey / Skeeter Shelton. Drums: Bobby Battle / Howard Byrdsong / Omar Wilson. Jami has played with Archie Shepp. Sun Ra, Don Cherry, Sam Rivers, Barry Harris, Leon Thomas, James "Blood" Ulmer and many many more. Battle, like Jami, has played with a host of national and international Jazz musicians such as Arthur Blythe and Sam Rivers. In the 70's, Jami had a well known Loft club in SOHO in NYC known as LADIES FORT.

The Vizitors: Kenny Green: Keyboards / Skeeter Shelton: Reeds / Dushon Mosely: Percussion. Veterans of New Music / Jazz in Detroit for several years. They "are sojourners, sharing with its listeners rhythmic vibrations of life from this, our harmonic universe." Mr. Green was nominated for outstanding Keyboardist in the 1997 Metro TimesMusic Awards.

Remote Viewing Ensemble: Electro-Accoustic Improvised Music. From Mt. Pleasant. They will be soon releasing a CD on Entropy Records. Members include all of the Northwoods Improvisors and Ben Bracken. With John Shepard ( Noted UFO oligist ) and Jason Wamsgans on visuals. Yes, a good old fashion Light Show.

Little Princess: Davin Brainard and Warren DeFever: Electronics. Brainard and DeFever are two thirds of the seminal Detroit Noise Band PRINCESS DRAGON-MOM. "Extreme" is a compliment to these guys. It is never predictable what they may do.

Frank Pahl: Formerly of the departed ONLY A MOTHER. Frank Pahl has been a major contributor to Detroits avant music community for at least a decade. An original musician and long time avant music festival organizer. Original songs and instrumentals. Not your average man with a guitar.

Northwoods Improvisers: Mike Gilmore: vibes, cheng, marimba, steel drums, percussion / Mike Johston: bass, wood flutes, percussion. / Nick Ashton: drums, percussion. Together for over 20 years. Two CD's on British Improvisor Trevor Watts ARC Records. A new one coming soon on Michigans Entropy Records. Played at this years Montreux Festival. WDET favorites. Jazz and world music and mixed together in a unique fashion. The New Music Society has presented them twice before. Drummer Nick Ashton accompanied John Tchicai when NMS presented him last year. Do not miss.

Faruq Z. Bey & Speaking in Tongues: Faruq is one of the most legendary of Detroits musicians. Founder of Griot Galaxy. They were the seminal avant garde jazz band in Detroit. Some said they were Detroits own Art Ensemble of Chicago. Maybe it should have been said the other way around. Absent from the playing scene for some years, he has returned. This could be a duo with Faruq reciting poetry of a large ensemble. A powerful and creative musician who is not to be missed.