Here are some links to our short and colorful history. Please email if you have more. Any links to show reviews that should be noted?

Club Review
Cover story on closing

Detroit Free Press:
On closing
Final show listing
Closing and selling stuff. Is this news?
Club review
BRMC show preview

Detroit News - there were tons, but I can't seem to find 'em now?
Club review

Observer Eccentric (covers most of the suburbs) Links are to .pdf files.
On closing and more
Mid by Midwest
International Noise Fest - page down to B3
More Mid by Midwest
Slumber Party
The Bigger Lovers
Ok, so a search on the Observer Eccentric website has 127 matches to Gold Dollar. This is too many for me to link. Find 'em yourself!

South End (Wayne State)
On closing

Lots of others exist on people's personal pages... like this...
Blair / Urban Folk - look for August 18 entry
Digital City club review
Club review from a customer / fan
Gold Dollar = Best bar in Ann Arbor? Who knew?

Misc reviews & stuff - lots of show reviews and previews... (very incomplete)
16 Horsepower Review

Please email if you have more.