Q: Is the Gold Dollar really closing?

A: Yes it is - August 18, 2001 will be our last regularly scheduled show.

Q: Why Neil, Why?!??!?

A: Probably because I didn't get my Ritalin...?

Q: Huh?

A: Ok, I guess it seems that I have about a five year attention span to any job / project, and it is time. What was once a dream and a labor of love has become a job. I'd really like to have some weekends free, any maybe NOT go see a band? Of course after five years, I don't really know much else to do.

Q: What's happening to the place? Has it been sold?

A: No real news on the sale yet. Have been working with a few people on this one and making some progress. Of course it's been for sale and discreetly advertised for over a year so who knows? Had an offer that fell through at the last minute over a year ago. Many people have expressed hope that the Gold Dollar will continue supporting original music, and of course a few have asked for drag shows... I would prefer that the place continue as a performance space of some sort, but am not making it a requirement for any purchaser. I did what I wanted, and whoever is next can do what they want.

Q: How much ya want for it???

A: Sorry, this is not information that I am sharing at this time. If you're serious about wanting to buy the place, send me a proposal and a business plan. If you don't know what that is, get to work!

Q: But Detroit needs a place like this!!!

A: Yes, I agree but I don't want to be the owner!! If anyone wants help and advice in starting a venue, I am more than willing to help. All it takes is obsessive dedication, a decent day job, and a willingness to sacrifice just about everything else. Seriously though, I do hope others decide to open new performance spaces. It can be done

Q: Couldn't you find someone to run it?

A: I've gone over this one with lots of people over the last year or two, and I think the answer is no. It takes too much time for too little money. This business requires more dedication than it seems. It also seems to require more dedication than I can muster?

Q: What's your next project? What are you going to do?

A: Wander around the country and world living in my tent, do a bit of sailing, and maybe eventually get a job? Oh yeah, and be a rock star ;) Ok, so I don't really have much other than wandering in mind?

Q: Why is your picture on this page twice?

A: So when you see me hitchhiking you'll pick me up. Duh.

Q: What are you? Some kinda weidro?

A: Yes. Duh.