Gold Dollar Booking Information


 If you haven't performed here before, you must submit a demo tape or CD or whatever to

Gold Dollar
PO Box 10735
Detroit, MI 48210

Be sure to include name, phone #, and/or e-mail written directly on your submission. Tapes often get separated from cases and press pakcs, etc. Best advice: Label everything clearly.

If you're in the area, just drop it in the mailbox to the left of the front door.
In some cases we can also check out audio on the internet instead. Send us e-mail with the address of your web page or sound clips. DO NOT mail mp3s or other attachments unless requested. Typically our e-mail is set to ignore attachments. If you have a web page, let us know!

A week or two after you have sent us something PLEASE FOLLOW UP with a phone call or e-mail. Our preferred method of communication is e-mail.

We book original music only, and often seem to prefer things that might be called "avant" or "experimental." The bulk of our business is rock of some sort though. We've also done original theatre, the odd (and I mean odd) puppet show, and many other manners of stage performance. Check out our compiled schedule to see the variety.

Payment is generally a split of the cover charge collected at the door. We provide a high quality sound system, a "high quality" soundman, someone to collect money at the door, spots in our Metrotimes ad, web page, monthly flier, and e-mail list.

We ask you, the band or promoter to push the show yourselves - advertising, fliering, badgering your friends, & family etc. All of the bigger draw bands here did not make it entirely on pure musical talent. They are also the ones who work harder at marketing. Ya see.... if people are here, we all have a good time, and we all make money, and we all get to be rock stars!